About Laurel Wealth Management

I am dedicated to helping families work towards comprehensive strategies designed to


Simply put, I strive to be an advisor my clients have confidence in.

My primary focus as a financial services practice is to provide opinions to help drive long-term investment results. I specialize in building financial legacies, focusing on financial education, and delivering well-researched wealth management strategies.

Laurel Wealth Management, LLC (LWM) works to provide this with the highest levels of integrity and respect. I am dedicated to professionally supporting, educating, and providing informed direction to each one of our clients. I am here to assist you in integrating your financial needs in an environment where client care is our top priority.

Where did the name "Laurel" come from?

Simple. Lori means "Laurel tree" and I thought it would be a perfect fit!


What makes LWM special?

Family Focused. The strongest relationship is family and we want to cultivate and grow that relationship. That is why our focus is on families and all of the aspects of building a lasting legacy.

Ethical & Honest. Our objective is to provide an unquestioned level of professionalism and character that returns your confidence.  We are committed - personally and professionally - to providing service based on our high family values.  Our objective is to cultivate a relationship with our clients that closely resembles a family bond.

Proactive Communicator. Interaction is essential to furthering our relationship with clients and attaining their objectives. We provide in-person annual meetings, as well as unlimited access to our firm to participate in finding resolutions to any questions or issues that may arise.

Experience. The professional, educational, and business experience positions us to understand our clients' needs, offer a complementary depth and breadth of industry and business know-how, and provide consistent customer services.

Educator. We will strive to show through dedication and performance our professional financial services and guidance.

Relationships. We look for the best people in different areas to help service you better.