About Us

About Laurel Wealth Management


At Laurel Wealth Management we specialize in building financial legacies, through financial education, and delivering well-researched wealth management strategies.  Our process is very hands-on and collaborative.  We work together to identify and prioritize your goals, then we take that information to build a strategy that is as unique as your are.

Our team has a true passion for planning.  We are dedicated to professionally supporting, educating and providing informed direction that is unique to each client.  We believe that education, collaboration, and strategic financial plans allow financial freedom and confidence.

The Laurel Wealth Management Difference

Family Focused. The strongest relationship is family and we want to cultivate and grow that relationship. That is why our focus is on families and all of the aspects of building a lasting legacy.

Ethical & Honest. Our objective is to provide an unquestioned level of professionalism and character that returns your confidence.  We are committed - personally and professionally - to providing service based on our high family values.  Our objective is to cultivate a relationship with our clients that closely resembles a family bond.

Client Education.  We believe that education is the key to financial freedom.  We will guide you with patience and understanding so you can feel confident about your financial future.

Proactive Communication. Interaction is essential to furthering our relationship with clients and attaining their objectives. We provide in-person annual meetings, as well as unlimited access to our firm to participate in finding resolutions to any questions or issues that may arise.

Experience. Our professional, educational, and business experience positions us to understand our clients' needs, offer a complementary depth and breadth of industry and business know-how, and provide consistent customer services.

Client Focused. We work hard to cultivate a relationship with our clients that closely resembles a family bond.  We provide unparalleled service that puts our clients' interests first.

Our Process

Where are you now?

We spend time getting to know you and your current financial situation.

Where do you want to be?

We work together to identify and prioritize your goals.

How will we get there?

A personalized Financial Plan will provide the "How".